Más sobre el concepto de Negocios Abiertos

Les dejo para lectura un artículo (en inglés) sobre el alcance del concepto de negocios abiertos: “Open Business: an introduction“. Eli Gothill expresa que:

“An open business is a business which depends on non-exclusive transactions with people outside of it. No business could be completely open. If it were, it would have no commercial activity, and wouldn’t be a business. No business could be completely closed either: the ability of a business to transact on an exclusive basis also depends on its ability to share information non-exclusively, most obviously about its products and services to prospective customers. So all businesses, in reality, have some balance of open and closed transactions with the outside world. … Two things are currently occurring on the web: the first is that businesses which were formerly more closed are opening up. They are learning to take in resources, expertise and information from outside, through open transactions on the web. They are also learning to give things back to the community around them, for free. The second is that new businesses are cropping up, which are modelled on the very idea of openness: this is a business in which open transactions are a central part of their revenue model, or an ‘open business.’”

Más información en castellano en “Pensando los modelos de negocios abiertos“.

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